The Ultimate Guide to Teachhub

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Teachhub is a leading online platform for teachers looking to improve their skills and connect with other educators. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about using teachhub effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • Teachhub offers a wide range of free professional development resources for teachers
  • Users can browse articles, videos, online courses, and other materials curated by expert teachers
  • Teachhub provides opportunities to collaborate through teacher communities and social tools
  • Special content and features are available for new teachers just starting their careers
  • Teachhub is a great place to find lesson plans, classroom activities, and teaching strategies

Teachhub: Key Features

Founded in 2005, Teachhub is one of the longest-running and most trusted online destinations for teacher professional development. The platform aims to provide high-quality, relevant training content to help teachers succeed throughout their careers.

Some of the key features and offerings on teachhub include:

Articles and Blog Posts

  • Hundreds of articles and blog posts on topics like pedagogy, classroom management, lesson planning, and more
  • Content is created by experienced teachers and education experts
  • New articles published daily covering emerging trends and techniques


  • Short training videos on various teaching skills and strategies
  • Tutorial-style videos on using tech and digital tools in the classroom
  • Videos highlight real teachers demonstrating best practices

Online Courses

  • Self-paced online courses teachers can take to earn CEUs and improve their practice
  • Courses available both on-demand or as structured cohorts
  • Course catalogue covers literacy, STEM, social-emotional learning, and other topics

Teacher Community

  • Forums and social features for connecting with fellow teachers worldwide
  • Share ideas, lessons, and resources with other members
  • Discuss challenges and best practices

Content for New Teachers

  • Special section dedicated to helping new teachers transition into the classroom
  • Articles and resources on topics like curriculum planning, parent communication, and behavior management
  • Q&A articles with advice from experienced mentors

Lesson Plans and Classroom Materials

  • Thousands of free lesson plans on diverse subjects and skill levels
  • Printable classroom activities, worksheets, graphic organizers, and more
  • Save materials to your personal library for easy access

With its extensive selection of training content and collaborative community, teachhub has become a go-to resource for hundreds of thousands of teachers looking to continue their professional learning.

Key Benefits of Using Teachhub

Teachers choose teachhub as a professional development resource because it offers a number of important benefits:

Convenient Access to Training Content

  • Available 24/7 online with any device and internet connection
  • Easy to fit into a busy teaching schedule in spare moments or after hours
  • No need to travel offsite for workshops or conferences

Relevant and Practical Resources

  • Content is created by real teachers sharing what works in their classrooms
  • Resources are classroom-tested and focused on practical strategies
  • Covers latest teaching methods, trends, and technology integration

Customizable Learning Pathways

  • Browse articles, courses, and videos on the topics you want to learn about
  • Follow topics to create a personalized feed of recommended content
  • Save resources to your library for future reference

Community Support and Collaboration

  • Connect with other teachers to exchange ideas and advice
  • Join social groups and discussions focused on your grade level or subject area
  • Learn from experienced teachers around the world

Affordable Pricing

  • Majority of content and features are available for free
  • Paid subscriptions provide access to premium resources and member benefits
  • Individual and group/school pricing options available

Whether you’re a new teacher looking for fundamentals or a veteran educator brushing up on new classroom innovations, teachhub can provide the high-quality, on-demand professional development you need at a fraction of the cost of in-person PD.

Navigating the Teachhub Platform

Teachhub is designed to make it easy for teachers to find the content they need and continue learning. Here are some tips for navigating and making the most of the platform:

Browsing Content

  • Use the search bar to find articles, videos, and courses on specific topics
  • Filter content by resource type, subject, grade level, and other categories
  • Discover new content personalized for you on your home screen feed

Subscribing to Topics

  • Follow your favorite topics to get alerts on new resources added
  • Manage all your topic subscriptions from your profile
  • Topics include literacy, classroom management, special education, and more

Using Collections

  • Save any piece of content to a collection folder in your library
  • Organize resources into collections for planning units, lessons, or projects
  • Add notes to resources toremember key points or customize for your classroom

Joining Social Groups

  • Search groups focused on your grade level, subject, or specialty area
  • Introduce yourself and participate in group discussions and chats
  • Follow groups to see their posts in your main feed

Tracking Your Learning

  • Courses are self-tracked as you mark lessons complete
  • View your course progress dashboard to see what you’ve completed
  • Earn CEUs and certificates for finishing paid courses

By fully utilizing all teachhub has to offer, you can create a customized learning program perfect for your developmental needs and teaching style.

Top Content for New Teachers on Teachhub

Starting your teaching career can be incredibly exciting and rewarding. But it also brings many new challenges that can feel overwhelming to navigate alone.

Luckily, teachhub provides a wealth of content tailored specifically to support teachers in their first years in the classroom. Here are some of the top resources new teachers can turn to:

Setting Up Your Classroom

  • Articles on designing engaging and efficient classroom layouts
  • Tips for organizing supplies, establishing procedures, and creating welcoming environments
  • Recommendations for basic tools and teaching aids to have on hand
Resource TypeExamples
Articles15 Key Steps for Setting Up an Organized Classroom”</li><li>”Must-Have Teaching Supplies for New Elementary Teachers
VideosA First-Year Teacher’s Classroom Tour
ChecklistsNew Teacher Classroom Setup Checklist

Planning Curriculum and Instruction

  • Practical guides on developing lesson plans and structure units
  • Intro to setting learning objectives, scaffolds, assessments, and differentiation
  • Sample lesson and unit plans you can adapt

Managing Student Behavior

  • Articles explain effective behavior management strategies
  • Tips on setting class expectations, dealing with disruptions, using positive reinforcement, and more
  • Example routines and procedures to establish from day one

Building Relationships with Students

  • Ideas for icebreakers, community builders, and engaging activities
  • Strategies to learn about your students’ needs, interests, and learning styles
  • Ways to make students feel welcome, heard, and supported

Communicating with Parents

  • Templates and examples for intro letters to parents
  • Tips for productive parent-teacher conferences
  • Guidelines for regular parent contact and communication

With teachhub’s specialized new teacher content, you’ll gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed during this critical phase of your career. The supportive teachhub community is also here to help!

Top Skills and Strategies for New Teachers

It’s normal for new teachers to feel overwhelmed navigating their first year in the classroom. Luckily, teachhub provides helpful training content that can build key skills to set you up for success as a beginner teacher.

Here are some of the most important strategies and skills for new teachers to develop:

Establishing Classroom Procedures and Routines

  • Create consistent procedures for common tasks like entering/exiting class, turning in work, using materials, etc.
  • Build in routines around daily activities like warm-ups, cleanup, transitions, and more
  • Practice procedures and routines repeatedly so students learn them

Planning Engaging Lessons

  • Hook students’ interest upfront with activators like interesting visuals, stories, or problems to solve
  • Incorporate interactive elements like discussions, games, hands-on work, and collaborative projects
  • End with purposeful takeaways and student reflections

Using Positive Reinforcement

  • Recognize and praise positive behavior frequently, especially at the start of the year
  • Use reward systems like points, prizes, shout outs, and special activities
  • Focus on the positive more than punishing negative behavior

Differentiating Instruction

  • Get to know students’ skills, needs, and interests to see where supports are needed
  • Provide options like choice boards, leveled texts, flexible grouping, and 1:1 assistance
  • Modify teaching methods, materials, assignments, and assessments as needed

Building Relationships with Students

  • Greet students at the door by name each day
  • Incorporate community-building activities and icebreakers
  • Display interest in students’ lives and what’s important to them
  • Be vulnerable and share a bit about yourself

Mastering these essential strategies early on will significantly ease the common challenges faced by new teachers. Continue expanding your skills over time by engaging with teachhub’s extensive professional learning content.

Top Teachhub Features for Veteran Teachers

For experienced teachers further along in their careers, teachhub offers many features to help continue your professional learning. Here are some of the top offerings for veteran teachers:

Online Courses for CEUs

  • Broad catalog of self-paced courses on advanced teaching topics
  • Earn CEUs for license renewal by completing courses
  • Courses utilize multimedia content and knowledge checks for better retention

Leadership Training

  • Resources to develop leadership skills like mentoring, coaching, and training other teachers
  • Content to help veteran teachers move into roles like curriculum specialists, instructional coaches, and principals

Classroom Innovation and Technology

  • Cutting-edge techniques for creating student-centered, digitally-enhanced classrooms
  • Tutorials on leveraging education apps, websites, devices, and platforms

Subject-Specific Lessons and Activities

  • Thousands of leveled lesson plans searchable by subject and grade
  • Ready-to-use printable handouts tailored to math, literacy, science, history, and more

Social Groups and Forums

  • Teacher communities to exchange ideas and advice with fellow veterans
  • Discuss trends, challenges, and best practices

Articles on Education Policy and Reform

  • Stay updated on major policies and initiatives impacting teaching
  • Deep analysis of reforms like standards adoption, evaluation models, and more

With teachhub, experienced teachers can continue to progress and refine their practice throughout their careers.

Ideas for Using teachhub Resources in Your Teaching Practice

One of the best ways to make the most of teachhub is to directly incorporate the resources into your classroom instruction and planning. Here are some ideas:

  • Find new lesson and activity ideas: Browse teachhub’s lesson plan library by subject or standard to discover new resources you can use in upcoming units.
  • Get innovative teaching strategies: Read articles or take a course to learn a new instructional approach like gamification, Genius Hour, or personalized learning you can pilot.
  • Brush up on classroom basics: Review resources on foundational teaching skills like lesson planning, questioning techniques, small group instruction, and more.
  • Learn a new education technology: Choose a video tutorial to help you implement a new tech tool like digital portfolios, learning apps, or formative assessment platforms.
  • Research student issues: Search articles on topics like learning disabilities, social-emotional needs, ESL education, gifted students, and more to find expert recommendations to support specific students.
  • Flip your PD: Assign teachhub articles, videos, and online lessons for your own self-guided learning then discuss takeaways with colleagues.
  • Build your teacher profile: Take an online course to earn CEUs even if you don’t need the credits and add prestigious certifications to your resume.
  • Get student activity ideas: Search student-facing worksheets, graphic organizers, games, and printables you can directly use with your classes.

Integrating teachhub into both your individual and collaborative professional development is a great way to boost your instructional skills and continue advancing your expertise as an educator.


For today’s teachers looking to enhance their practice, teachhub provides an unparalleled collection of resources and support. The platform makes it simple to access high-quality articles, videos, courses, printables, and more tailored specifically to the needs of educators.

Teachhub allows users to direct their own professional learning, collaborate with peers, and find ideas and inspiration to bring back to the classroom. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran, teachhub has content and features that can help take your teaching to the next level.

By leveraging teachhub, teachers can continually expand their knowledge, skills, and connections. Most importantly, they can provide the best possible instruction to students and make a lasting impact in the classroom.

Questions and Answers

How much does teachhub cost?

The majority of teachhub content and resources are available for free without needing an account. Teachhub does offer paid subscriptions that unlock additional member benefits. Pricing starts at $24.95/month for a Basic subscription up to $79.95/month for the Premium Plus subscription with maximum content access, CEU courses, and extras. They also offer discounted group plans for schools.

Does teachhub provide CEUs?

Yes, teachhub offers accredited continuing education courses that teachers can take to earn CEUs for license renewal or salary advancement. Courses are available on-demand or in structured cohorts and cover topics like literacy, technology, ESL, and more. Users track their own progress and can download certificates upon completion.

Is teachhub content high-quality?

Yes. All teachhub articles, videos, and training materials are created by experienced teachers and vetted education professionals. Sources include teachers, school leaders, university faculty, and other experts. Content undergoes rigorous fact-checking and peer review before publication.

Can I share teachhub resources with other teachers?

Teachhub encourages users to share resources with colleagues for professional development purposes. You can send links to articles, videos, and other materials. For printables and worksheets, check the copyright information as some are meant for individual use only.

How do I save resources on teachhub for later?

Registered users can save any piece of content to their personal library on teachhub to access later. You can bookmark resources, add notes, organize them into collections, and filter by resource type or subject. Your library syncs across devices.

Can I access teachhub resources offline?

While much of teachhub is web-based, some resources like printable worksheets and lesson plans can be downloaded and saved offline. You can also bookmark pages for offline access. Some content may be restricted to online-only access though based on copyright.

Does teachhub have an app?

Currently there is no official teachhub mobile app. However, you can access all teachhub content and features through any web browser on your smartphone or tablet. Users can also enable notifications to receive alerts on new resources.

Can parents use teachhub too?

While teachhub is designed for teacher professional development, many resources like at-home activity ideas, learning games, and worksheets can benefit parents too. Parents can explore the platforms free offerings, but the premium content requires a paid teacher subscription.

Is teachhub content structured for self-paced learning?

Yes, teachhub provides flexibility for self-directed learning. You can browse articles and videos in any order based on your needs. Online courses feature built-in tracking so you can learn at your own pace while still meeting course objectives for completion.

Who founded teachhub?

Teachhub was founded in 2005 by long-time educator Vicky Davis, who sought to provide teachers with a centralized online destination for professional development resources. The platform has grown to support over 750,000 teacher members globally. It continues advancing its offerings to meet evolving needs.

How do I sign up for a teachhub account?

Signing up for a free teachhub account is easy. Just go to and click on ‘Register’ in the top right corner. Fill out the registration form with your name, email, password, and grade/subject. Once registered, you can start saving resources to your library and customizing your experience.

Can I write for teachhub as a teacher contributor?

Yes, teachhub welcomes experienced teacher contributors to create content. There is an application to become a teachhub writer which asks for your education credentials, areas of expertise, writing samples, and more. If accepted, you undergo training then can publish articles, lesson plans, and videos.

Does teachhub have social media accounts I should follow?

Teachhub is active on major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Following their accounts is a great way to stay up to date with newly published articles, tips, polls, and education news relevant to teachers. You can find their handle @teachhub on each platform.

What is teachhub’s return/refund policy for paid subscriptions?

Teachhub offers full refunds on paid subscriptions within the first 30 days if you are not fully satisfied. You can request a cancellation and refund by emailing their customer support team. Partial refunds may be issued after 30 days depending on the circumstance. Review their official refund policy on their website for more details.

Is the teachhub content updated regularly?

Yes, teachhub adds fresh content and resources on a daily basis to keep material relevant. There is a team of education experts and writers generating new articles, videos, lessons, and more aligned to current best practices and the evolving needs of teachers.

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