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100+ Best Quotes From Beef Netflix Series

Beef, one of Netflix’s recent smash hits, has been receiving rave reviews since its release in April. This comedy-drama series cleverly combines subtle humor with thought-provoking social commentary.

Writer and Director Lee Sung Jin has truly succeeded in creating a show that delves into captivating themes of Korean family culture.

While the show’s outrageous dialogue and chaotic drama take center stage, viewers have no trouble getting caught up in the exhilarating moments. With the talented Steve Yeun from The Walking Dead leading the cast, Beef presents a realistic portrayal of life’s challenges through its diverse characters.

It comes as no surprise that this sensational series boasts a remarkable 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now, let’s dig into the juiciest quotes from Beef on Netflix!

1. I think when nowhere feels like home you just retreat into yourself. – Amy Lau

2. It’s vanilla. – Amy Lau

3. She’s some rich girl from Calabasas. She’s probably sitting at home all day eating like baguettes and jam or some shit. – Danny Cho

4. The more and more when I look in the mirror, I see you and Dad and I hate it. – Amy Lau

5. I’m an end piece. – Isaac Cho

6. I’m an animal, I can’t be messed with! – Danny Cho

7. No, use nice words! You called me a liar! I am not helping you unless you use nice words! – Danny

8. It is selfish for broken people to spread their brokenness. – Amy Lau

9. Life is precious man. You can’t waste it. You gotta take action. If you’re hungry, eat a steak. If you want to feel the sun on your face, look it’s right there ya know? – Danny

10. I can’t deal with that type of white woman. They act like they got no power, they got all of it. – Danny Cho

11. You know our body absorbs nutrients and then pisses and shits out all the bad stuff? What if we’re doing that to babies? But you know, parents, like they just, piss their trauma down. – Danny Cho

12. Peninsula mentality. – Danny Cho

13. How come Koreans are all lactose intolerant? – Danny Cho

14. I read that time speeds up as you get older, because when you’re a year old, that year is a hundred percent of your perception of time, but as you get older that year is a smaller fraction of the time you’ve experienced. – George Nakai

15. Today’s the most fun I’ve ever had! – June

16. Wolverine cannot be circumcised! – Isaac

17. It’s pathetic you have to bully me just to feel better about your shitty lives. – Paul

18. You waste way too much time following arbitrary rules. – Paul Cho

19. I support small businesses, my business is a small business. – Amy Lau

20. I’m not gonna be infected by your brokenness anymore! – Paul

21. There’s this ride, Taboo Towers. Got one way up, three ways down. It’s unpredictable. Kind of like how I live my life. – Paul Cho

22. That is the back of an Asian head if I’ve ever seen one. – Amy Lau

23. I’m trying to stay put, activate my core, keep my trunk solid. – Michael

24. Do you have any idea of who you just messed with? You useless, shameful little shit! – Amy Lau

25. I know you. – June

26. I don’t want anyone to see who I really am. – Amy Lau

27. Your vomit was pretty because you love Skittles. – Isaac Cho

28. I realized, you know, when she was a baby she never had unconditional love for me. People think babies are so innocent and cute but they’re not. – Amy

29. I set up all this church shit, while you idiots are playing Ocean’s 9-11. – Isaac Cho

30. We accomplished so much, but it came with a lot of costs, and it’s costs that no one sees and only I pay. – Danny Cho

31. Well, anger is just a transitory state of consciousness. Best to let it go. – George Nakai

32. Everything fades. Nothing lasts. We’re just a snake eating its own tail. – Amy Lau

33. You know the Buddha was only Buddha ’cause he was a prince first right? He had stuff to renounce! – Amy Lau

34. You know, everyone born in the 80s got screwed, like fast food candy, secondhand smoke. – Danny Cho

35. You’re out there doing cosplay! – Isaac Cho

36. Yo, I got my papers all sorted out. At Cho Service construction. Pretty good right? – Danny Cho

37. A baby with mobility and strength is just a serial killer. – Danny

38. We probably connected in the spiritual realm. Have you ever heard of a divine twin? – George Nakai

39. There’s more important things to life than money. – George Nakai

40. George, I’m a bad person. I tried to hide that from you because you’re not. – Amy Lau

41. Right like if you give me that cookie then I’ll give you the hug. – Danny Cho

42. Well, um you know whenever I have a bad dream, I just think of a happy time.

43. Tell your friend, or your employee, or whoever, to maybe not wear a company T-shirt when committing a crime. – Amy Lau

44. See this is the problem with our family. We never talked about anything openly. – Amy Lau

45. Sometimes, rock bottom is your trampoline. – Danny Cho

46. That’s how they do business over there, spending time together, laughing. Here in the West, it’s deal points, deal points, numbers… – Jordana

47. Handyman pissing on my hardwood floor. This is European oak guy! – Amy Lau

48. I think growing up with my parents taught me to repress all my feelings. – Amy Lau

49. I’ve busted my butt for years, I’ve sacrificed my well-being, the well-being of my family– it’s not a millionaire in no time. – Amy Lau

50. Go towards the rock. Juicy shit thrives in the shade. – Amy Lau

51. The problem with driving, is that you always have to find parking, but with parking, you can order someone to park for you. – Paul

52. Was Korean Johnny Carson a compliment or not? – Danny Cho

53. I thought maybe, just maybe if we could take the best parts of him, and the salvageable parts of me that we could create something nice. – Amy Lau

54. My mom, she wasn’t any better. She thought that talking about your feelings was the same thing as complaining. – Amy Lau

55. I’m going to become a crypto millionaire and travel the world with my boys. -Paul

56. Hey, you’re not some kind of weirdo, right? ‘Cause if you are you should know that I own a gun. – Amy Lau

57. When a door closes just lock that shit, you know? Then she’s outside, you walk upstairs, open a window, and watch her wander the streets. – Danny CHo

58. Makes you dependent on me so you can’t leave. – Amy Lau

59. I like the way you drive. – Paul Cho

60. It’s okay to mess with white girls right now, but when you settle down, listen to mom and dad, bring home a nice Korean girl, you know what I’m saying. You think they’ll want their grandkids looking up at them with huge round eyes, like bugs? – Danny Cho

61. The oldest always gets it worse. Danny Cho

62. You know how in video games, when other people die the game keeps going, but then when you die, it’s game over. I think life’s like that. – Paul

63. Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public, right? – Amy

64. My brother is dead because of you! – Danny Cho

65. Korean kids couldn’t ask for stuff like that as a kid. That happened after 1990. – Isaac Cho

66. You never know what someone’s going through in life. Might be bladder issues. – George Nakai

67. Bro, just live. – Paul Cho

68. Man, guilt tripping me. I bet I’d be a good Dad. – Bobby

69. Yo, we gotta target Orange County Koreans. – Paul

70. He didn’t like that you’re Japanese. – Amy Lau

71. For as long as I can remember that’s what being alive has felt like. Can’t have form without space, and can’t experience light without dark. – Danny Cho

72. You ever notice how it’s only people who have money that thinks money isn’t important? – Amy Lau

73. Pro bono? No bono. – Isaac Cho

74. I just wanted us to be the same. – Danny

75. Paul, turn that shit off dude, I almost lit a baby on fire!

76. Honey, most of my employees are middle class. They don’t like to see me enjoying myself. – Jordana

77. Shit dude, ‘next gen’, ‘First Class, Future proof’, This is the new X-men! – Isaac

78. You know, you’re born, you make choices then suddenly you’re here. – Danny Cho

79. It’s Size P for perfect. – Isaac Cho

80. Any time you want to meet Toni Kukoc, I can make that happen. – Isaac

81. It’s not a micro-business. It’s a magnum opus business. – Danny

82. You know when we’re stressed, we revert to the pathways we created as children.- Dr. Lin

83. I hate pretending that I don’t hate things. – Amy Lau

84. Why do you hang out with her? You know you’re Asian, right? – Isaac Cho

85. A good story drives the price, as we know. – Jordana

86. Western therapy doesn’t work on Eastern minds. – Danny Cho

87. Did you see the road rage thing on next door? – Naomi

88. I’ve heard you say my son was the anchor you’ve been missing your whole life, and that may be true. But without you he’d be sitting at the bottom of the ocean, dull and gray. – Fumi Nakai

89. Next time someone honks at you, maybe let it go. – Amy Lau

90. I want her to come home to me making her chicken parm! – Paul Cho

91. I don’t wanna hang out. Just give me the money lady! – Amy Lau

92. I was just saving the captions. – George Nakaia

93. I know I may seem all buttoned up, but I’m willing to get my hands dirty. – Edwin

94. I guess when you think about it, the ground is the original chair. – George Nakai

95. I really thought I was doing the world a favor, by not reproducing. – Amy Lau

96. I’ll kill you for making me work out! – Isaac

97. I had an emotional entanglement. – George Nakai

98. Honestly, I can’t even enjoy anything vanilla since her comment. – George Nakai

99. You know, just generations of bad decisions sitting inside you. – Amy Lau

100. If I’m gonna carry you, you don’t get to talk, period. – Danny Cho

101. And we’ll keep sitting here, you shriveled nut. – Amy Lau

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