Kleki Online Drawing Tools Make You A Master Artist Fast!

Kleki is a popular suite of online drawing tools, apps, and pads that allows users to easily create digital artwork and illustrations. With Kleki, anyone can become an artist and bring their visions to life. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about getting started with kleki, using its drawing tools effectively, and leveraging it to enhance your creative abilities.

What is Kleki?

Kleki first launched in 2007 as a simple online paint program. Since then, it has grown into a robust collection of drawing tools and apps that provide users with an array of options for digital art creation.

Some key features and benefits of Kleki include:

  • Intuitive interface – Easy to use drawing tools that are accessible for beginners but also have capabilities for more advanced users.
  • Variety of tools – Pencils, pens, brushes, eraser, fill colors, and more allow for versatility.
  • Layers – Create drawings with multiple layers to enable complex illustrations.
  • Community – Share your drawings and interact with other kleki artists.
  • Cross-device capabilities – Draw on your computer then continue your work on your phone or tablet via the kleki apps.
  • Free and paid options – Core drawing tools are free but additional capabilities require paid memberships.

Whether you’re a casual doodler or seasoned digital artist, kleki provides the features to bring your illustrations to life. Its popularity as a drawing tool continues to grow given its accessible interface and handy capabilities.

Getting Started with Kleki Drawing Tools

It’s easy to get started with kleki drawing tools. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to and click “Start Painting”
  2. Select a canvas size or set custom dimensions.
  3. Choose a free drawing tool from the left toolbar. Pencil and brush tools are beginner-friendly options.
  4. Select colors from the bottom toolbar. You can fill shapes or set a drawing color.
  5. Use your mouse or trackpad to draw on the digital canvas.
  6. Click “Layers” on the left to start a new layer and create overlays.
  7. Use the eraser tool to remove any mistakes.
  8. Click “Save” on the left toolbar to save your artwork when finished.
  9. Give your drawing a name and description then click “Publish” to share online.

With these basic steps, anyone can start using kleki’s intuitive digital drawing tools. The more you explore, the more capabilities you’ll discover for crafting professional-grade artwork.

Tips for Mastering Kleki’s Drawing Tools

With regular practice, you can master kleki’s drawing tools to create digital masterpieces. Here are some tips:

  • Vary your brush sizes – Use larger brushes for filling in spaces and smaller brushes for details.
  • Blend colors – Use overlapping light and dark shades to add dimension.
  • Use layers – Sketch ideas on one layer then finalize drawings on layers above.
  • Mirror images – Click “Flip Horizontal” or “Flip Vertical” to see your art from new angles.
  • Zoom in and out – Get close up to add fine details then zoom out to see the full composition.
  • Experiment with tools – Push your creativity by trying different pencils, pens, brushes, and filling techniques.
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts – Keyboard shortcuts can optimize your workflow.
  • Practice often – Daily practice will quickly improve your kleki skills.

With frequent use of these tips, you’ll be able to create amazing digital illustrations with kleki in no time.

Key Features and Tools of Kleki

Kleki offers a variety of powerful tools and capabilities to enhance your creativity. Here are some of the most important features:

Drawing Tools

  • Pencils – Basic drawing tools with adjustable opacity
  • Pens – Creates outlines and lines with tapered ends
  • Brushes – Variety of brush types with texture effects
  • Shapes – Lines, circles, squares, polygons
  • Fill color – Applies color to shapes and enclosed areas
  • Eraser – Removes parts of your drawing

Editing Tools

  • Undo – Reverses your last actions
  • Redo – Repeats undone actions
  • Layers – Create drawings on separate overlays
  • Resize canvas – Change the drawing area size
  • Flip canvas – Mirror your image horizontally or vertically
  • Grids – Adds guide grids for proportions

Other Key Features

  • Zoom – Magnify specific areas for detail work
  • Eyedropper – Samples colors from your drawing
  • Rulers – Add guidelines to measure proportions
  • Palettes – Saves your custom color swatches
  • Brush creator – Make custom brushes
  • Filters – Blur, sharpen, distort and transform drawings

With this robust set of drawing and editing tools, kleki provides endless possibilities for digital illustration.

Creating Different Types of Drawings with Kleki

Kleki’s flexible array of tools enables you to create all kinds of digital drawings and illustrations. Here are some of the different types of artwork you can make:

Sketches – Use pencils and light strokes to draft concepts and capture ideas.

Line art – Outline styles and subjects with pen tools and customized brushes.

Cartoons – Bring cartoon characters to life with colorful fills and fun effects.

Paintings – Emulate paintings using kleki’s brush tools and blending capabilities.

Patterns – Generate symmetrical patterns or textures using fills, shapes, and brushes.

Architecture – Craft building and interior designs with smart shapes and techniques.

Fashion – Design clothing and accessories with trendy illustrated styles.

Scenes – Construct environments and scenery by combining object illustrations.

Logos – Design branding logos for companies and projects.

Icons – Create small icon graphics for websites and mobile apps.

Presentations – Add engaging custom illustrations to your next presentation.

Concept art – Visualize creative visions and fictional subjects.

Kleki enables you to become a well-rounded digital artist and tackle any illustration style.

Advanced Techniques for Next-Level Drawings

Once you’ve mastered kleki’s basics, you can level up your digital illustrations using these advanced techniques:

  • Establish values first – Block in light and dark areas before adding details.
  • Use reference images – Have real-world references on hand to replicate styles accurately.
  • Focus compositions – Use foregrounds and backgrounds to guide the viewer’s eye.
  • Apply the grid method – Map out proportions accurately by overlaying a grid.
  • Study color theory – Use color harmony and contrast to make pieces more vibrant.
  • Create custom brushes – Design brushes tailored for specific textures or effects.
  • Make color palettes – Develop organized color schemes for unified pieces.
  • Use vanishing points – Add perspective and depth using converging lines.
  • Refine details carefully – Don’t rush important intricate areas like faces and hands.
  • Save iterations – Preserve previous versions to fall back on or remix.

With concentrated effort, you can level up your technical abilities and make gallery-worthy illustrations using kleki drawing tools.

Exporting, Printing, and Sharing Your Kleki Creations

When your digital masterpiece is complete, kleki provides several options for exporting your artwork, printing it, and sharing it with the world.

  • Export – Download your drawing as a PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG file. This allows you to use it elsewhere digitally.
  • Print – Print your drawing directly or export it to print professionally.
  • Publish to kleki – Share your drawing in the kleki community.
  • Embed – Generate embed code to display your kleki drawing on websites.
  • Share on social media – Post your artwork on Instagram, Facebook, etc using kleki’s integration.
  • Send by email – Email your creation to friends directly from kleki.
  • Share link – Send anyone a link to your published drawing.

With kleki’s flexible sharing and exporting options, you can do anything with your finished illustrations, from printing stickers to sharing on social media.

Extra Tips and Tricks for Kleki

Throughout your journey mastering kleki, keep these additional tips in mind:

  • Customize your toolbar with your most-used tools
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to save time on common actions
  • Change the language setting to your preferred language
  • Enable “Dark Mode” for more comfortable long drawing sessions
  • Check out the kleki community feed for inspiration and new ideas
  • Follow other top kleki artists for motivation and new techniques
  • Use kleki on mobile to draw on-the-go when inspiration strikes
  • Subscribe to kleki Pro for more capabilities and features
  • Participate in kleki’s public challenges to hone your skills

Keep learning and stay inspired! With regular practice, kleki’s tools will help you improve your artistic abilities over time.

Unleash Your Creativity with Kleki!

Kleki provides accessible and versatile digital drawing tools for crafters, artists, designers, and anyone seeking an outlet for creativity. With an intuitive interface, a wealth of advanced features, and a thriving community, kleki enables you to translate your wildest ideas into beautiful digital artwork.

Start sketching today on kleki’s limitless online canvases. Share your unique creations with kindred creative spirits. Whether you’re a novice doodler or seasoned illustrator, kleki has everything you need to unleash your inner artist. Transform blank spaces into dazzling drawings and make your visions a reality, one brushstroke at a time. The possibilities are endless!

Top 10 Questions and Answers About Kleki

Looking to learn more about kleki? Here are answers to 10 common questions about these popular online drawing tools:

Is kleki free to use?

Yes, the core kleki painting tools are free to use. Optional Pro memberships add more capabilities.

What devices can I use kleki on?

Kleki is accessible via web browser on any desktop or laptop. Mobile apps are also available.

How do I get started with kleki?

Just go to, click “Start Painting”, and select your tools to begin creating!

Can I use a drawing tablet with kleki?

Yes, kleki works great with drawing tablets and styluses like Wacom.

How do I save my kleki drawings?

Click “Save” on the left toolbar. You can download or publish your art.

Can I sell artwork made with kleki?

Yes, you own your original drawings made with kleki tools.

Is there a kleki community I can join?

Yes, publish your work to kleki to connect with other artists and share tips.

What file types does kleki support?

Kleki supports PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, and more for importing and exporting.

What inspiration is there if I’m not feeling creative?

Browse the kleki ideas feed or community for endless inspiration when stuck.

Can I use kleki for professional graphic design work?

Absolutely. Many designers use kleki for illustrations, layouts, logos, and beyond.

Does kleki have undo and redo functions?

Yes, kleki allows you to undo and redo your last actions while drawing.

Can I collaborate with others on kleki?

Kleki’s multiplayer mode lets you collaborate on drawings with other kleki users in real-time.

Is there a limit to my canvas size on kleki?

No, you can set custom canvas dimensions up to a maximum of 4000 x 4000 pixels.

Does kleki have different languages available?

Kleki can be used in many different languages – just choose your preferred language from the settings.

Can I use layers in my kleki drawings?

Yes, kleki provides layers for creating complex illustrations with overlays.

Is there a spellcheck tool when adding text?

Kleki has an auto spellcheck feature that underlines misspellings in added text elements.

Does kleki have drawing symmetry tools?

Yes, you can enable horizontal, vertical, or radial symmetry when creating drawings.

Can I import images and photos to use in kleki?

Importing images is a Pro feature, but you can copy and paste images in as well.

Does kleki offer drawing tutorials for beginners?

Yes, their learn section has various drawing tutorials for getting started and improving skills.

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