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The Essential Guide to FetLife: Everything You Need to Know

FetLife is the world’s largest social network for the kink community. With millions of users worldwide, it has become the go-to platform for connecting people interested in BDSM, fetishism, and other forms of alternative sexuality. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about FetLife, from creating an account and building your profile to safely connecting with kinksters in your local area and beyond.

Key Takeaways:

  • FetLife is a free social network launched in 2008, with over 8 million users worldwide
  • It provides a judgment-free space for the kink/fetish community to connect and educate
  • Users can create detailed profiles outlining their kinks, find local events, chat, share photos/videos, and more
  • Safety and consent are top priorities, with robust privacy controls and community guidelines
  • FetLife is open to anyone 18+ interested in BDSM, fetishism, kink, and other alternative sexualities
  • The site is designed to help users explore their sexuality and find their “kink tribe”

An Introduction to FetLife

For people interested in BDSM, fetishism, kink, and other alternative sexualities, finding like-minded individuals used to be challenging. Mainstream dating sites and social networks often don’t cater to these sexual preferences.

That’s where FetLife comes in. Founded in 2008 by Montreal-based web developer John Baku, FetLife was designed to fill this gap. It has since grown into the world’s largest social network for the BDSM and fetish community, with over 8 million users worldwide.

Some key facts about FetLife:

  • Completely free to join and use
  • Available in several languages, including English, Spanish, German, and French
  • Primarily focused on textual content, with option to share photos and videos
  • Strong emphasis on safety, consent, and confidentiality
  • Robust privacy controls allow users to remain anonymous if desired
  • Active discussion forums on wide range of topics
  • Events calendar to find local munches, parties, workshops, etc.
  • Friendly and open-minded user base who share advice and support

While often misunderstood by outsiders, the kink community places great importance on trust, communication, education, and acceptance of all consensual adult sexualities. FetLife aims to uphold these values by providing a non-judgmental platform for exploration and connection.

Creating a FetLife Profile

Signing up for FetLife is simple – just provide a nickname, password, and email address. Users must be at least 18 years old to join.

Profile Customization

FetLife allows you to customize your profile in the following ways:

Profile Picture

  • Upload a photo of yourself, or anything else that represents your kinky side! You can set albums of photos to be visible only to friends or keep them private.

About Me

  • Write a detailed “About Me” blurb explaining your kinks, interests, experience level, relationship status, and what you hope to get out of FetLife. The more info you provide, the easier it is to connect with compatible people.

Kinks List

  • Select as many kinks, fetishes, and BDSM interests as you like from FetLife’s extensive list to populate your profile. This helps potential play partners understand your sexuality.

Contact Info

  • Include methods for others to contact you like email, instant messaging, etc. This is optional since some prefer anonymity.


  • Add your location to facilitate meeting kinksters in your area. You can share as much or little info as you like.


  • Upload tantalizing photos and videos to show off your body, favorite fetish outfits, kink equipment, etc. You control the privacy settings on these.

Writing Blog Posts

  • Share your kink experiences and educate others through blog posts. These help build community status on FetLife.

Overall, the more detailed your FetLife profile, the better chance you have of finding great connections. Just be sure to protect your privacy by adjusting settings accordingly.

Key Features of FetLife

FetLife offers an array of features to help users safely explore their sexuality:

Finding Local Events

FetLife’s events calendar lets you search for upcoming kink events by location:

  • Munches – casual meet-and-greet events for people interested in BDSM, usually held at restaurants or bars. Great for getting to know your local community in a low-pressure environment.
  • Play Parties – gatherings held at dungeons, clubs, or private residences involving kinky play and sexual activity. These require higher levels of participation and comfort with BDSM.
  • Classes/Workshops – educational events focused on building skills and knowledge related to specific kinks and fetishes like bondage, spanking, domination, etc.
  • Conferences – multi-day BDSM conventions featuring workshops, vendors, and networking opportunities. FetLife lists major kink conferences worldwide.

User Groups

FetLife has groups for nearly any kink or fetish imaginable. Join groups to:

  • Discuss kink topics more focused to your niche interests.
  • Get advice from more experienced members.
  • Meet kinksters in your city or with shared obscure fetishes.
  • Learn about local events and private play parties.
  • Find a mentor or play partner.

Some examples are groups for rope bondage, DD/lg, dominance and submission, foot fetishists, latex enthusiasts, and more.

Kink Listing

FetLife’s kink listing contains over 1300 terms that help users describe their sexuality. When building your profile, add kinks you like, are curious about, have experience with, and want to explore. The more kinks selected, the easier it is for others to find you.

Friend Connections

You can friend other users to directly interact with them via messaging, photo sharing, and commenting. Friends can vouch for you, which helps build community trust.


FetLife provides private messaging so you can communicate one-on-one or in groups. Be sure to develop rapport with potential partners prior to meeting up.

Writing Blog Posts

Share your kink experiences via blog posts. Don’t use real names or identify others without their consent. This features helps you give back to the community.

5 Steps for Successfully Using FetLife

Here are some best practices for getting the most of FetLife while staying safe:

1. Protect Your Privacy

  • Don’t share personal details like real name, address, workplace, etc. FetLife allows you to control who sees what parts of your profile.
  • Use a non-identifiable profile name without real names, birthdates, or locations.
  • Consider using a separate email address just for kink activities.

2. Take Things Slowly

  • Chat with potential play partners extensively before meeting up. Use FetLife’s messaging to ask about experience, limits, relationship status, etc.
  • Meet first in a public place like a munch to determine compatibility and comfort levels before playing.
  • Don’t feel pressured into activities you’re not ready for. Go at your own pace.

3. Meet in Public First

  • For initial meetings, choose a low-pressure public place like a café or restaurant.
  • Don’t invite new connections to your home or go to theirs until you’ve developed trust through multiple prior interactions.
  • Drive yourself to and from the first several meet-ups for easy exit if needed.

4. Let Someone Know

  • Discreetly tell a friend where you’ll be beforehand if meeting someone new.
  • Share the other person’s FetLife profile or contact info in case of emergency.
  • Check in with your friend after to let them know it went well.

5. Trust Your Instincts

  • Don’t feel obligated to talk to or meet anyone who makes you uncomfortable. Follow your intuition.
  • Leave any situation that becomes scary, threatening, or non-consensual. Don’t worry about being polite if you sense danger.
  • Report any users or incidents that violate FetLife’s guidelines or laws.

By taking appropriate precautions, you can safely enjoy connecting with the thriving kink community on FetLife.

Making Connections and Finding Play Partners

Once you’ve created your FetLife profile, set privacy controls, and learned the ropes of the site, it’s time for the fun part – making kinky connections! Here are some tips:

  • Attend local munches – Munches are casual meetups that allow you to expand your social network and vet potential partners before playing with them.
  • Join niche interest groups – Join FetLife groups centered around specific kinks or fetishes that interest you to find like-minded members.
  • Look for local events – Check FetLife’s events calendar for workshops, play parties, and conferences happening in your area. These facilitate in-person meetings.
  • Comment on discussions – Engage in forum discussions related to your kinks. Commenting shows your personality and builds rapport.
  • Friend users you connect with – Befriend other members who share your specific interests to keep communication open.
  • ** messaging** – Respectfully message users you’d like to get to know better. Take conversations slowly and discuss interests, limits, chemistry.
  • Look for mentorship – If you’re new to kink, connect with more experienced members who can mentor you on safety and skills.
  • Offer to mentor others – Likewise, share your expertise with newcomers to the community. This builds goodwill.
  • Travel to events – If your local kink scene is small, travel to large FetLife events in nearby cities to expand your options.

The key is to gradually get yourself out there, connect with trustworthy members, and take the time to build chemistry before playing. Safety and consent above all!

FetLife Etiquette and Best Practices

As an open-minded social network built around alternative sexualities, FetLife fosters a respectful, sex-positive community. Here are some key etiquette guidelines users should follow:

5 Rules of Consent

  1. Obtain enthusiastic consent for all activities.
  2. Listen for verbal cues and body language indicating discomfort or withdrawal of consent.
  3. Ensure partners have the capacity to consent by not being under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
  4. Respect when someone says “no” or sets a limit. Don’t coerce or guilt people into activities.
  5. Consent can be rescinded at any time – even mid-scene. Stop immediately if consent is retracted.

Respect Privacy

  • Don’t “out” other users by disclosing their kinks without permission. Keep all interactions private.
  • Use discretion with photos/videos. Share only with consent.
  • Don’t stalk or harass people who reject you – take no for an answer.

Be Patient with Newcomers

  • Answer their questions about kink without shaming. We were all beginners once!
  • Provide guidance on safety and etiquette gently rather than criticizing.
  • Invite newbies to low-pressure public events to get their feet wet.

Keep It Classy

  • Don’t use vulgar or offensive language on profiles, posts, or messages.
  • Refrain from unsolicited graphic sexual messages. These are huge turn-offs.
  • Do not promote illegal/unethical activities or nonconsensual kinks.

Following these guidelines helps maintain FetLife’s supportive, safe environment for explorations in kink.

Navigating FetLife Relationship Statuses

FetLife recognizes that kinksters approach relationships in ethical non-monogamous ways. Several relationship status options exist:

  • Single – Not currently in a relationship
  • Partnered – Committed to one significant other
  • In an open relationship – Committed with a primary partner while free to ethically engage with others
  • In a polyamorous relationship – Multiple committed romantic/sexual relationships with the knowledge and consent of all partners
  • In a relationship – General term when the status is undefined or complicated
  • Married – Legally married, relationship style not specified
  • Widow/Widower – Spouse has passed away
  • **Divorced **- Legally divorced and no longer married
  • Complicated – Any relationship that’s hard to categorize or explain

Be upfront about your status so potential partners understand the relationship landscape. Discuss boundaries, agreements around outside partners, safer sex practices, etc.

Those new to non-monogamy should move slowly, communicating frequently with all involved. Honesty and transparency are key!

FetLife Groups: Finding Your Kink Tribe!

One of FetLife’s best features is its groups. With endless niche groups for any kink, fetish, orientation, or interest imaginable, you can easily connect with like-minded members into the same thing you are. Here are some popular categories and examples:

Role Identification

  • Dominants, submissives, switches, Daddy/Mommy Doms, littles, pets, slaves, etc.

Relationship Dynamics

  • Master/slave, DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl), M/s (Owner/property), Cuckolding

Sexual Orientation

  • Queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, heteroflexible

Relationship Status

  • Single, polyamorous, open relationships, cheating wives

Intimate Activities

  • Bondage, impact play, wax play, sensation play, fire play, knife play, etc.


  • Foot fetish, latex, leather, furries, uniform/cosplay,financial domination, and more!

Non-sexual Interests

  • Pet play, domestic servitude, chastity, forced feminization, and other non-sexual kinks

Join groups in your city and related to your specific interests to meet others compatible with you. Engage in discussions, attend group events, and you’ll quickly find your niche!

Finding Kink Events Near You

Attending in-person events is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in your local kink community. FetLife makes this easy with their events calendar showing munches, parties, classes, and conventions happening nationwide.

Here are steps for finding events near you:

  1. Click “Events” and allow FetLife to access your location.
  2. Filter the list by distance to see the closest events.
  3. Further filter by event type – munches, parties, classes, etc.
  4. Click on an event to see details like date, time, address, hosts, and attendees.
  5. RSVP to events you want to attend so hosts know to expect you.
  6. Introduce yourself to other attendees when you arrive.
  7. Attend munches first before more intense events like play parties.
  8. Bring a friend for moral support if you’re nervous about attending something for the first time.
  9. Follow the rules and dress code specified for each event.
  10. Have fun exploring your local kink scene in a safe environment!

FetLife Privacy, Security, and Safety Tips

With privacy and discretion being essential in the kink community, FetLife offers robust privacy controls. However, users should still take steps to remain anonymous and interact safely:

  • Use a nickname – Don’t include real info that could identify you.
  • Limit profile info – Exclude details like employer, school, last name.
  • Hide friend list – Enable setting so only you see your connections.
  • Limit media visibility – Photos/videos can be visible only to friends or just you.
  • Hide activity feed – Prevent others from seeing your posts and interactions.
  • Turn off location services – Don’t share your location to maximize anonymity.
  • Avoid faces in photos – Blur or crop out faces so you can’t be recognized.
  • Meet in public first – Vet potential partners at a munch before private play.
  • Tell a friend – Let someone know when meeting a new person. Check in with them afterward.
  • Trust your instincts – Don’t feel obligated to interact with anyone who seems suspicious.
  • Report creeps – Alert FetLife staff about any harassing behavior or requests for illegal activities.


In closing, FetLife provides a one-of-a-kind space for the kink and fetish community to safely explore their sexualities. By taking things slowly, protecting privacy, attending local events, finding niche groups, and leveraging FetLife’s features, you can connect with like-minded kinksters and find your home in the community.

Approach your experiences with an open mind, communicate your needs and limits clearly, and above all – have fun discovering new aspects of your sexuality!

Frequently Asked Questions About FetLife

Here are answers to some common questions people have about FetLife:

What is FetLife exactly?

FetLife is a free social networking site designed for the kink community. It allows users to connect with each other, chat, share content, and learn more about BDSM, fetishes, and other forms of alternative sexuality.

Who should join FetLife?

Anyone over 18 interested in kink, BDSM, fetishes, or non-mainstream sexualities can join FetLife. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome.

Do I have to use my real name on FetLife?

Absolutely not. Most members use nicknames and do not disclose their real identities or personal details.

Is FetLife safe to use?

Yes, FetLife is generally quite safe due to the extensive privacy controls and emphasis on consent and respect within the community. However, users should still take precautions when meeting people offline.

How do I find local events on FetLife?

Use the events calendar to search for upcoming munches, play parties, classes, and other events happening in your local area or in a city you’ll be traveling to.

What are some popular FetLife groups I should join?

Check out groups related to your particular kinks, local city/region, orientation, relationship style, or role identification. Join groups to meet like-minded members.

Can I find a romantic partner or play partner on FetLife?

You can certainly try! Many members use FetLife specifically to find partners. Just be sure to properly vet people through extensive communication before meeting up offline.

Is nudity and porn allowed on FetLife?

Images and videos containing nudity or explicit sexual acts are allowed but must be shared through private messages or in groups that specifically allow adult content.

How can I stay anonymous on FetLife?

Use a nickname, avoid sharing identifying details, blur/crop faces in photos, limit profile visibility, disable location services when using the app, and carefully customize your privacy settings.

Is FetLife completely free or is there a paid version?

FetLife is 100% free to use with no paid version. Features like messaging, groups, and events are accessible to all members at no cost.

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