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Delta Math is an invaluable educational tool that leverages technology to enhance how students practice and teachers assign math homework. This comprehensive guide will explain what Delta Mathis, its top features and benefits, how to effectively implement it in the classroom, and tips to maximize its math learning potential.

Key Takeaways on Delta Math:

  • Cloud-based homework platform that provides math practice with instant feedback/answers
  • Aligns automatically to math curriculum standards for easy assignment creation
  • Adaptive scaffolding adjusts difficulty based on student needs
  • Detailed reports allow teachers to track progress and customize instruction
  • Encourages perseverance through intuitive hints and meaningful feedback
  • Available for grades 6-12 and wide range of math subjects
  • Used by over 750,000 students across all achievement levels

What is Delta Math?

Delta Mathis a web-based math platform designed to provide students with meaningful homework and practice aligned to state standards and classroom curriculum. It was founded by math teacher Paul Hammant in 2015.

Here’s an overview of Delta Math:

  • Cloud-hosted platform accessible on any device with internet
  • Aligned to scope and sequence of major math curriculum resources
  • Thousands of math problems with detailed solutions and hints
  • Adaptive scaffolding adjusts difficulty based on student performance
  • Provides instant feedback, answers, and explanations as students work
  • Tracks student progress through robust reporting for teachers
  • Used by over 750,000 students globally across ability levels

Delta Math aims to offer an engaging 21st century math practice solution that develops perseverance, motivates students, and builds true mastery.

Key Features and Tools of Delta Math

Delta Math provides a suite of powerful features that make math homework more meaningful and impactful. Here are some of the key capabilities:

Smart Assignment Creation

  • Aligned to major curriculums like EngageNY, Eureka Math, etc.
  • Search and assign standards-aligned practice by keyword or chapter
  • Customize start/end dates, allowed attempts, due dates
  • Match problems to students’ skill levels

Robust Mastery Tracking

  • Real-time reporting on assignment completion and performance
  • Analytics on student strengths/weaknesses
  • Track progress toward standards over time
  • Export reports to share with administrators and parents

Adaptive Scaffolding

  • Adjusts problem difficulty up/down based on performance
  • Provides intuitive hints after multiple incorrect attempts
  • Reinforces concepts students are struggling with
  • Promotes growth mindset and perseverance

Meaningful Feedback

  • Detailed solutions provided for every problem
  • Relevant math concepts explained in feedback
  • Encourages reflection and learning from mistakes
  • Develops self-sufficiency and agency in learners

Motivating Experience

  • Visually engaging platform optimized for all devices
  • Reward system with points and badges for effort and progress
  • Friendly tutor tones provide encouragement
  • Makes practice feel like accomplishing goals in a game

Delta Math truly revolutionizes how students interact with math homework and practice.

Core Subjects and Grade Levels

Delta Math supports the following core high school and middle school math subjects:

High School Math Courses

  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Precalculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Integrated Math 1, 2, 3

Middle School Math Courses

  • 6th Grade Math
  • 7th Grade Math
  • 8th Grade Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra Readiness

Delta Math is continuously expanding to cover more grades and math topics over time as well.

Delta Math Benefits for Students

Delta Math transforms the experience of practicing and completing math homework for students. Here are some of the top benefits:

Engaging Platform

  • Visually appealing, game-like platform
  • Makes homework feel like playing, not work
  • Reward system with points and badges
  • Maintains motivation and focus

Instant Feedback

  • Step-by-step solutions provided instantly
  • Helps identify mistakes as they happen
  • Prevents practicing problems the wrong way
  • Develops self-sufficiency in learning

Hints on Demand

  • Intuitive hints guide students when stuck
  • Scaffolded to maintain productive struggle
  • Encourages perseverance and mastery
  • Reduces frustration when facing challenges

Self-Paced Learning

  • Work at own pace through problems
  • Review explanations as needed
  • Repeated practice until mastery
  • Catered to individual learning needs

Anywhere Access

  • Web-based with mobile optimization
  • Complete homework anytime, anywhere
  • No lost assignments or forgotten materials
  • 24/7 availability results in better adherence

Students universally report an enhanced experience doing math homework through DeltaMath compared to traditional pencil-and-paper assignments.

Ways Teachers Utilize Delta Math

Delta Math is an invaluable tool for keeping students engaged in meaningful math practice while saving teachers time. Common ways it is utilized include:

Differentiated Practice

  • Assigning standards-aligned practice at each student’s skill level
  • Using reports to group students by weaknesses for targeted reteaching

Flipped Classrooms

  • Replacing lectures with Delta Math practice as “homework”
  • Using class time for collaborative activities and projects

Spiral Review

  • Quickly assigning mixed review problems on previously covered topics
  • Ensuring skills stay sharp all year

Test Prep

  • Assigning practice questions similar to standardized test formats
  • Analyzing performance on test-like problems to identify gaps

Progress Monitoring

  • Reviewing Delta Math analytics to monitor class and individual growth
  • Informing instruction and grouping based on student needs

Extra Practice

  • Additional problems for students needing more practice
  • Personalized practice assignments to fill learning gaps

Absent Students

  • Auto-assigned makeup practice when students are absent
  • Keeps absentees on track with no makeup paperwork

Delta Math is tailored to amplify the benefits of purposeful, standards-aligned math practice for improved outcomes.

Getting Started With Delta Math

Implementing Delta Math is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Create Teacher Account

  • Go to and click Sign Up
  • Select Teacher and fill in info
  • Add school by name or import classes

2. Orient Students

  • Show students how to create accounts and enroll in your class
  • Do walkthrough of platform interface and features as a class

3. Build Assignments

  • Search for standards or curriculum to align practice to
  • Customize number of questions, dates, attempts, and more
  • Match problem difficulty to student levels

4. Monitor Progress

  • Review assignment completion rates and time spent
  • Identify class and individual student strengths/weaknesses
  • Modify upcoming lessons based on performance trends

5. Engage Students

  • Celebrate badges, point totals, and streaks to motivate
  • Address questions and provide support as students work
  • Foster perseverance and a growth mindset

Delta Math integrates seamlessly into existing curriculum and routines with minimal disruption. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly for both teachers and students.

Maximizing the Impact of Delta Math

Follow this advice to get the most value out of implementing Delta Math:

  • Do walkthroughs – Don’t just assign it; show students step-by-step how to use Delta Math’s features.
  • Customize difficulty – Use reports to assign each student practice at their skill level.
  • Highlight effort – Praise hard work and perseverance, not just correct answers.
  • Review analytics often – Analyze performance data regularly to drive your instruction.
  • Have students explain concepts – Ask students to articulate what they learned from explanations/feedback.
  • Be responsive – Timely respond to student questions and celebrate successes.
  • Use diagnostically – Create quizzes to assess skills before units and reteach as needed.
  • Communicate with parents – Share Delta Math data and progress during conferences.
  • Incentivize effort – Offer rewards based on practice time or mastery, not just completion.

Optimizing implementation is key to unlocking DeltaMath’s immense potential for improving students’ math ability, confidence, and work ethic.


Delta Math delivers an exceptional platform for math homework, practice, review, and assessment. Its standards-aligned content, actionable student performance data, and research-backed adaptive tools empower students and teachers alike.

Schools across all demographics have experienced remarkable gains in math proficiency and enthusiasm by partnering with Delta Math. Unlock its benefits in your classroom to drive growth and readiness for college and career success!

Frequently Asked Questions About Delta Math

Here are answers to some common questions about the Delta Math platform:

What subjects and grades is Delta Math for?

It covers 6th grade through high school math courses including algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, integrated math and more.

Is Delta Math compatible with my math curriculum?

Yes, it aligns automatically with major programs like EngageNY, Eureka Math, Big Ideas and more plus relevant state standards.

How do students log in and access Delta Math?

Students create free accounts at or through the mobile apps. Teachers provide a class code to enroll students.

Can Delta Math be used on mobile devices?

Absolutely – Delta Math has web, iOS, and Android apps that sync seamlessly so students can access it on any device.

How does the adaptive scaffolding in Delta Math work?

Problems get gradually harder or easier based on performance. Hints are provided after multiple incorrect attempts. This caters problems to each student’s ZPD.

What student data does Delta Math provide to teachers?

Real-time assignment completion rates, time on task, performance on standards, common wrong answers, practice effectiveness, and more.

How does Delta Math motivate students?

It uses rewards like points, badges, and streaks to motivate. Its game-like platform and encouraging feedback promote engagement.

What happens if students are absent or miss assignments?

Delta Math automatically assigns absent students relevant makeup work aligned to what they missed to keep them on track.

Can students retake Delta Math assignments if they fail?

Teachers can enable multiple attempts so students can keep retaking assignments until they master the material.

Does Delta Math integrate with my gradebook and SIS?

Yes, it offers LTI integration with leading gradebooks like Powerschool and Canvas as well as Google Classroom.

Is Delta Math secure in terms of student data privacy?

Absolutely – Delta Math is COPPA and FERPA compliant. All student data is fully secured and never sold or shared.

How much does Delta Math cost for schools and families?

Delta Math is available to schools and districts for an affordable per student fee. Families can purchase individual student subscriptions if not available through their school.

Can students collaborate on Delta Math assignments?

While Delta Math is designed for individual practice, students can be encouraged to discuss concepts and persevere together. But they should submit their own work.

Does Delta Math provide accommodations for students with special needs?

Yes. There are custom settings to provide the appropriate level of challenge, scaffolding, and accessibility depending on individual student needs.

What grade passback systems does Delta Math integrate with?

In addition to major SIS integrations, Delta Math integrates with the PowerTeacher Pro, TeacherEase, Administrator’s Plus, Thinkwave, Chalkable, and JumpRope gradebooks.

Can I pre-assign Delta Math for the whole year or term?

Yes, once you build them, assignments can be scheduled to deploy throughout the year. This prevents a scramble to assign homework nightly.

Is Delta Math available in other languages besides English?

Delta Math is currently available only in English, but translations to support English language learners are in development for future release.

How does Delta Math handle cheating or letting others do your work?

Since it caters difficulty to each student, those who cheat or avoid doing their own work will struggle as harder problems expose their lack of skills.

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